Classic: Alice in Wonderland

Disney’s version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ from 1951 combined two Caroll Lewis’ books: ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ with ‘Through the looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There’.

Alice dreams about her own world where things would be different than in our world. It would be a Wonderland where everything would be better. She is not happy with her reality so she invents her own. And she is soon transported into her nonsensical world where the rules she knows do not apply. She finds out from a door knob that nothing is impossible. At first she does whatever everybody tells her to do, just the way she did in our reality because she was programmed this way. But with time she starts to learn how to navigate this new world.

She was following a white rabbit who didn’t pay any attention to her. But when she met Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum who were dying for her attention, she was not interested in them. They were all the same to her. She went on looking for the white rabbit, who took her for his maid and started giving her orders, because they all looked the same to him. He was abusing her and even called her a monster after she grew. It was only after she finally gave up on the white rabbit that she got her answer she was looking for.

When she meets beautiful flowers in the garden they gossip about her and compare her to themselves, deciding she is not good enough for them. It seems that in the end she finds it hard to imagine a world completely different from ours and apply some of our flaws. This meeting leads her to questioning herself and her ego. When she meets a caterpillar smoking hookah who asks her who she is, she can’t answer the question anymore. Everything is confusing to her until she sees how silly it all really is and she finally rebels against the authority – the Queen.

She learns from the Cheshire cat that most everyone is mad. When she meets Mad Hatter and March Hare they made her realize that it is her unbirthday, a special day during which she can make her wish come true. And there are 364 days like that which means that we should make a wish and work towards its fulfillment everyday. When she finally has enough nonsense she just wishes to come back home. She starts crying because she gives herself good advice but she very seldom follows it and that is why she gets in trouble. It is a reminder that we should always listen to ourselves, our inner wisdom. We should be true to ourselves and follow our hearts.

Her journey across Wonderland is her journey towards self awaking. Everything is a lesson. And in the end this is all just a dream. All we have to do is to wake up. And come back home. But there nothing will be the same ever again either because we are now wiser and more self aware.

‘Alice in Wonderland’

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