Classic: The Matrix trilogy

The time has come to look closer at the second and third part of ‘The Matrix’ trilogy: ‘Reloaded’ and ‘Revolutions’, before the release of ‘The Matrix 4’ in December this year.

The first part was about the Awaking while parts two and three talk about what happens after. First of all, as we learn, we all have a Purpose and a role to play — to serve. Like the Keymaker. His whole purpose was to get Neo to the Architect. He sacrificed himself to do that. Oracle sacrificed herself to help Neo. Later, Trinity sacrificed herself to get Neo where he needed to go. Finally Neo sacrificed himself to save Zion. And everything happened for a reason. But they all had a choice. And they needed to sacrifice themselves voluntary.

There is a lot of symbolism in the trilogy. In ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ Neo meets the Architect. He is the father of the Matrix and Oracle is the mother. They are also the father and mother figures to Agent Smith, just like Morpheus and Trinity are to Neo. The three of them together, they also represent the Holy Trinity: The Father (Morpheus), the Son (Neo) and the Holy Spirit (Trinity). And the Architect is also a God-like figure. He gives Neo a choice but knows what decision he would make.

Neo follow his heart and his choice is based on the most important emotion of all — love. By the end of part two, Trinity dies but is resurrected by love, just like Neo in part one. They both had to die to be reborn anew. In the meantime we see Agent Smith multiplying himself. He is the other side of Neo. He represents his Ego. Like a little child he keeps repeating: me, me, me! He thinks he is the most important and everything should be the way he wants. Trinity is also part of Neo. She is the yin to his yang. Thanks to Neo she will see the sky for the first time.

In ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ Neo understands what he has to do but he needed some time to figure it out. He finally decides to go to the Source and Trinity accompanies him. Attacked by Agent Smith Neo looses his sight but he can now see using his third eye. The Chosen One now has to choose. He has a free will. He is ready to die and surrender. Ready for the sacrifice. He fights Agent Smith, who was alternated by the Oracle. When Agent Smiths asks him why he keeps on fighting, Neo replies: Because I choose to. But the last worlds in the film are spoken by the Oracle who said she didn’t know what would happen but she believed. And so must we.

So what is the Matrix? The Matrix is the fake reality that imprisons the mind. And the final message of the trilogy is: choose to free you mind, to dissolve your ego and to serve others.

‘The Matrix’ trilogy.

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