Classic: The Matrix

Today we will talk about the most obvious classic film that talks about the Awaking from the dreamlike reality — ‘The Matrix’ by the Wachowskis.

Released in 1999 ‘The Matrix’ was surely revolutionary and visionary, really ahead of its time. The special effects were breathtaking and very impressive. No one has never seen anything like that before. We seem to forget about it as currently we see even better SFX in any film or tv series but back than it was really something. When everybody was worrying about the Millennium Bug, the Wachowskis took us on a journey that lasts until now, while we are awaiting the forth part of the series to be released this year. But today we will concentrate just on the first part of the so far existing trilogy.

The main message of the film is that love conquers all. But there is much more to it. We are asked to question our reality together with the hero of the movie, Neo played by Keanu Reeves. His name is obviously suggesting by the rearrangement of the letters that he is the One, chosen to free humanity from the prison of the Matrix. Neo needs a guide himself to wake up to the Truth and Morpheus plays that role for him but as it usually is the case, the student soon surpass his master. He then starts to awake others, hopefully starting with us, the ones watching the film.

The Matrix is like Maya in Hindu philosophy where our reality is described as an illusion that is cheating our senses. We must realize that, to free ourselves from that fantasy and to then become our real selves. Just like Neo we can reach our full potential only after we leave the Matrix. Ignorance is bliss but if we believe that the worst truth is better than the most beautiful lie then we must keep on looking until we find our answers. Only one member of the crew regrets taking the red pill. Everybody else believes in the prophecy that humans will finally be free.

Another clear message of the film is that we need to free our mind to be able to achieve out goals, even the most unbelievable ones. We need to trust the Universe and believe in ourselves. When Neo starts to understand that, he is suddenly able to bend the rules of the program. He gets rid of his ego represented by his everyday personality Thomas Anderson and is reborn anew as Neo.

When the trilogy was released, the Wachowski siblings were still Wachowski brothers: Andy and Larry, as you can see in the credits. In 2009 Larry finished his gender transition and is now called Lana and in 2016 Andy changed his gender and his name to Lilly. They are now known as Wachowski sisters showing us that our gender is also just an illusion. I think that they realize more that they are telling us and I would love to interview them one day.

‘The Matrix’

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