New film: The Matrix Resurrections

The wait is finally over. ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ is at last out and it all makes more sense now than ever. Don’t worry, no spoilers. I will just talk about the general idea of the films here.

The film plays with the original trilogy and all the ideas hidden in the first three parts of the story. That the life we live is not the reality and it is up to us to free our mind. Because ‘If we don’t know what’s real, we can’t resist’. But there are also differences. The world has changed and so did the Matrix. Now, people who are free cooperate with once their enemy and rebuild their world almost entirely destroyed by the war between the machines and humans. There is a comparison being made here that the Matrix and the war alike distract people from what’s really important – their real lives.

In general the message is that now more than ever we are distracting ourselves from the truth. There is also some nostalgia after the good old times when originality mattered and ‘art, films, books were all better’. We learn that before people wanted to be freed, but now they just spend all their time looking at their phones, playing video and virtual reality games. They want to be controlled, as we hear in the film from a character who calls them ‘sheeple’. They live motivated by desire and fear, ‘quietly yearning’ for what they don’t have while ‘dreading losing’ what they do.

So yes, there is new Morpheus here, as you probably have already heard. And new Agent Smith. In a way. It’s actually a mixture of them both. And then there is also a new character called Bugs that in a way as well plays the role of Morpheus. She takes over the role that in the past belonged to a man. Just like the General of the new human city called Io. Also, we learn that Neo is not the only Chosen One, and it was never just about him. It was always about the bond between Neo and Trinity. And she becomes the One in this part of the saga. Because in a way we are all the Chosen One.

So the new message is: it’s not just about Neo, Morpheus and Smith anymore. It’s now about Trinity, Niobe, Bucks and Sati. It’s not just about fighting now, it’s more about creation and cooperation. It’s all about the empowerment of women. Not even Girl Power anymore but Women Power now. The future belongs to femininity and the feminine way of dealing with things. There is a new hope that women can change things. Just like Lana Wachowski just changed the meaning of the whole Matrix universe.

And as for us, we just need to discover our purpose and fulfill it: ‘The choice is an illusion. You already know what you have to do.’ And once you feel it, everything becomes easy.

‘The Matrix Resurractions’

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