New TV series: Nine Perfect Strangers

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ is a mini series about a group of people spending 10 days at Tranquillum House, a resort, where they meet their host Masha. She will change their lives forever.

Masha sees right through people. It helps that she does their background check before she invites them into her resort. But she also has a gift and makes people talk to her about their deepest fears. Lars, an investigating journalist, asks her: ‘That’s why you picked us, right? We complement each other’s demons.’ They are the perfect mix. Masha knows that people growing together are enriching each other. Sometimes just witnessing each other’s journey is already very helpful.

Yao, one of Masha’s helpers, describes relationships as crazy, insane, brutal… And Frances, who is a writer, tells the co-guest Jessica: ‘I wouldn’t look to novels, or music, or movies to tell you the truth about love. They lie’. They all look for connections. But as Masha tells them: ‘Part of the healing is finding the wound’ and so she starts introducing various exercises. Then she starts microdosing them without their knowledge or consent. And they start reconnecting, with themselves and with each other. When they find out what is happening, they give her the consent because they can see it is working.

Women start talking about their imperfections and how they affect them. Men start becoming more and more vulnerable. They interact with each other and become more and more connected. ‘Do you know what they say about holding hands? It’s intimate. It can be more intimate than love making even’ says Delilah (another helper of Masha) to Heather (one of the guests) while she holds her hand. And she knows what she is talking about as we later see her making tantric, energetic love with Yao. We can become one with another person, we just need to let go of control.

Guests of Tranquilium House learn that others just mirror our own image to ourselves. We project our fears and traumas on them. And we respond to them from the position of our Inner Child. We need to find our Inner Child within, hold him or her and protect them from the world. We are strong adults now. We can take the burden and let them just be the cute little children they used to be. They do not need to shield us and take care of us like they did when we were younger. There was no adult to hold them then but there is now. It’s us and we can do it for ourselves.

As Terry Real writes in his new book ‘Us: Getting Past You and Me to Build a More Loving Relationship’ our childhood traumas can be healed in relationships. All we need to do is recognize our triggers and learn to open our hearts when they appear. And then sooth each other.

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’

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