Classic: The NeverEnding Story

Released in 1984, this classic film is the ultimate feel good movie that reminds us of all the most important things we know as kids but forget as adults. And we do need such a reminder.

We go on a quest together with the main characters of the movie. The Auryn medallion protects us but we need to overcome our fears and just keep on trying. That’s what really matters. ‘Never give up and good luck will find you’ says Falkor, the luck dragon, to the young warrior Atrayu. If we give up, we will surely not achieve our goal. But as long as we are trying, there’s hope. Both Atrayu and Bastian know that so they just keep on going, in spite of all.

They have to face many tests on their way. Atreyu gets hurt and he is told that ‘it has to hurt if it’s to heal’. We need to feel our pain to release it, just like we need to face our fears to get rid of them. The next thing we learn is to never doubt ourselves. ‘Be confident’ – it’s the reminder that you have to believe in yourself on your journey. ‘Face your true self’ is the next rule. Cast a light on your shadow. Get to know your real nature. You might think that you are kind but realize that you are cruel. You might think that you are brave but realize that you are a coward. Embrace all parts of you.

Fantasia has no boundaries, just like our imagination. It’s made of human dreams and hopes. But despair is taking over and Nothingness destroys everything because people lose their hopes and forget their dreams. When they do not follow their dreams, a part of them dies. ‘People who have no hopes are easy to control. And whoever has the control, has the power.’ We have to take our power back and control over our own lives. We must choose to follow our dreams. Everything is already foretell but it’s up to us to fulfill our destiny. Let your heart guide you.

Sometimes you might feel that you have failed but at least you tried. And it’s not a failure. Even when it feels like there’s only darkness and silence left. In the beginning it is always dark before the new world is created. And is us who creates our world. Just like Bastian who can now fly and recreate the whole world of Fantasia. One little boy can be that important. He just needs to follow his dream and not keep his feet on the ground as his father told him. His father already forgot what it is like to live the dream, as most adults do. We need to become like children again to let our imagination soar.

It’s the journey that counts, not the destination. When we go on a quest, just like Atreyu we might end up in the same place we started, but we will be different, richer and wiser. And that’s the goal.

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